Lighting is a necessity in any home, not just so that you can get things done but in order to create a real mood and ambience. One of the most popularly used lights in the home is the downlight but what exactly is it?  Here’s everything you need to know.

About Downlights

A downlight can be defined as a light that has been recessed into a ceiling and that throws light downwards in a narrow beam.  When it is turned on, it looks like light is shining down out of the ceiling. 

Advantages of Downlights

Downlights can be a great option for your home lighting.  This is because they can be installed just about anywhere - in living areas, in bedrooms, in bathrooms, in kitchens, or even underneath benches and cabinetry.

Downlights are also very flexible in terms of the amount and type of light that they provide.  For example, they are perfect for using as task lighting, where you need a lot of nice, bright light.  However, they are also perfect for ambient lighting as they can be installed around the edge of the room, or they can be dimmed to the level of light that you need.

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